Take a Look at Our New Llaria OG Lashes Collection

Take a Look at Our New Llaria OG Lashes Collection

The lashes collection were it all began with Llaria Lashes has had a major glow up and we are living for it! Our full brand was based are our three styles Alayna, Leyla and Ezra Lashes. They went on to become best seller for obvious reasons, wispy, bold and uber glamorous. 

We always want to grow and build better and the highest of quality products. rather than coming out with a money grab, we wanted to our much loved products and make them better. Picking apart all the faults of our lashes and finding all the negative to find any opportunity to improve them.

What we have produced is high fibre materials that look beautiful up close and personal, the most comfortable flexible lash band thats easy to apply and beautiful styles, that are suitable for all eye shapes as we always want to remain a diverse brand. 




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The OG Lashes Collection