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Llaria Lashes

Original Llaria Pillow Powder Puff

Original Llaria Pillow Powder Puff

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Experience a heavenly makeup application with our Original Llaria Pillow Powder Puff!
Perfect for setting your makeup and creating a flawless, airbrushed base, its super soft, cloud-like texture ensures every contour of your face is covered. Best of all, it's designed to be environmentally friendly and reusable - talk about a win-win! Treat your face to something sweet with Llaria.  

How to use

Our Strip Lashes will be the easiest peasist lashes you have ever applied thanks to our ultra flexible lash band that hugs your eyelid super effortlessly. Remeber to gentle bend to band for more curve. Apply lashes top band once lash glue is tacky and always start application from middle and then attach corners.

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